Walsh Engineering Associates

Construction Management & Construction Administration

Overseeing the planning, design and construction of an engineering project takes time and expertise. At Walsh Engineering Associates, Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of construction management services to clients in Maine and the neighboring New England states.

Construction Bidding

A professional bid process sets the groundwork for the success of our clients’ projects. Our team at Walsh Engineering Associates, Inc. has extensive experience developing ┬áspecifications needed for your project and preparing accurate, detailed Request for Proposals. Our RFPs include specifics on the bidding process, contract terms, overall client objectives and anticipated completion date. We also include information on local, state, federal or Environmental Protection Agency responsibilities the project may require.

Contract Assignment

Once we have received the bids for your project, one of our professional engineers will review the proposals for accuracy and make sure they meet the specifications in the RFP. Our long-standing relationships with the many highly qualified contractors in Maine and New England help us guide our clients through the process of contractor selection. After evaluating the bids for accuracy and selecting a contractor, we will negotiate with the contractor on technical details, a timeline for completion and pricing. Because change is inevitable in construction projects, we also determine with the contractor how those changes will be handled before awarding the final contract assignment.

On-site Management

We recognize that efficient on-site management plays a vital role in the success of any construction project. The goal of our on-site management services is to ensure our client’s project goes smoothly and that it is finished on time and within budget.

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