Walsh Engineering Associates

Stormwater Analysis and Design Services

Stormwater Design

Our engineers provide stormwater analysis and design services for a variety of projects including stormwater treatment design, stormwater quantity calculations, culvert and stormwater system designs to meet requirements of Local and State regulatory requirements.   The New England States have some of most stringent stormwater management regulations and creative solutions have become a requirement for engineers.  WEA employs all available technology for the stormwater systems, including LID/Green infrastructure, pervious pavements and natural systems such as wetlands to treat stormwater from site development.  All of our systems are designed to be cost effective while achieving the requirement of regulatory community.

For Industrial clients WEA completes stormwater sampling and monitoring, design for compliance  and permitting services to comply with EPA NPDES requirements.  Each industrial facility is different and requires a unique solution to their particular facility.  WEA has the expertise and knowledge to solve most complex industrial stormwater issues.

Our business offers many types of civil engineering services for individual customers and large companies, and while performing a culvert analysis, our experts can determine the condition of a structure, examine stormwater in a specific area, create a culvert replacement design, evaluate repairs that a culvert may need and develop milestones for contractors. Moreover, we commonly study the flow of water in numerous areas and determine the amount of liquid that specific conduits can handle.